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Supervised Access Visitation and Exchange Program Huron-Perth(Parenting Time Program)

413 Hibernia St, Unit 1
Stratford, ON
N5A 5W2
Huron: 519-482-8766
Perth: 519-508-6101
Toll-Free: 1-888-508-6101
Fax: All sites: 519-508-6102


Participants are responsible to make the initial contact with the Supervised Access Coordinator * interim custody must be decided * self referrals accepted if both parties consent

Eligibility / Target Population

Families in conflict associated with separation and divorce


Set fee * subsidy available


Louanne Piper - Coordinator



Area Served

Huron and Perth Counties


W_wheelchair.gif Wheelchair Accessible

Description of Services

Program that helps ease the possible tension of access arrangements for children and for either decision making parents and parenting time parents or other relatives.

Factual Reports - Reports of what happens during parent child contacts *available to the lawyers, participants and courts when requested * fees are involved and all reports are neutral accounts

Supervised Family Exchanges - Safe, neutral place where families can drop off and pick up their child(ren) * children are fully supervised on site during the transition time of the exchange

Supervised Family Visits - Visits between parenting time parties or relatives and their child(ren) in a neutral setting. * visit is monitored by trained staff

Virtual Visitation - Program monitors virtual visitation using Zoom Pro with one party on site

Sites in Stratford, Exeter, Listowel, Clinton and Goderich
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