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About EarlyON Programs
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EarlyON Programs/Programmes ON y va

EarlyON programs/programmes ON y va are an initiative of the provincial government and offer free information, programs, and services to all parents and caregivers with children from birth to six years of age.

In London, many Family Centres host EarlyON/ON y va programming. In Middlesex, EarlyON programs are offered in a number of Library Branches across the County. 

Indigenous-led EarlyON programs provide culturally relevant programming and supports for families. These programs include activities that support language revitalization and a strong sense of identity for Indigenous children.  These programs are offered in London and Middlesex by Nshwaasnangong Family Centre and Child Care, and in Chippewa of the Thames by Enji-Maajtawaad EarlyON Programs, and in Oneida Nation of the Thames by Oneida Headstart Family Resource Centre. Please check the program calendar to find Indigenous-led programs.

French ON y va programs are offered within Family Centres as well as at La Ribambelle Centre ON y va Academie de la Tamise and La Ribambelle Ridgewood. Please check the program calendar to find French programs. 

The warm, nurturing EarlyON/ON y va staff are committed to excellence and take great pride in creating attractive and unique learning environments for children. Staff receive ongoing support and participate in professional development opportunities.

Free EarlyON/ON y va programs and services include:
  • playgroups with crafts, music and stories
  • programs to introduce children to math, science, and reading
  • pregnancy and new baby support
  • parenting workshops and information on children’s development, behaviour, safety, and nutrition