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Do you have questions on local programs and services for your family? This portal was designed to support Middlesex families in accessing information about family-centered programs and services in Middlesex County.  Whether you are seeking information on child care, speech & language services, mental health supports, municipal recreation facilities or other family-centered supports and services, you will find what you need here.  

This portal includes public sector and non-profit organizations and programs that are licensed, regulated, and funded by various levels of government to serve children and families in Middlesex County.
Through this portal families can also access information on Community Connectors who can help facilitate connections to family-centered community agencies.

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In 2019, consultation with families and service providers revealed a gap in understanding of what family-centered services are available and whom to contact with regards to service information.To support improved coordination between providers and enhance communication, a ‘branded’ and centralized channel for accessing information and for promoting and communicating services and supports was recommended.
Another avenue for increasing coordination and communication across the system is to leverage community connectors. There are a number of individuals and agencies across the system that are perceived to be key connectors.With that said, there was consensus through service provider and caregiver feedback that Middlesex County Library is a trusted connector as they act as hubs for information, supports and services for families and service providers.  Understanding this is helpful in that we can aim to build strong and effective linkages across the system by:
  • Ensuring that agencies across the system are aware of who the key connectors are and what role they play in supporting families in navigating the system as a whole;
  • Increasing awareness among families on the role of key connectors, as well as building trust between families and key connectors; 
  • Building capacity of the key connectors, ensuring they are aware of the breadth of services and supports across the system, so they can effectively support caregivers; as well as having the capacity to support making connections and build relationships with families and providers across the system.


Have general feedback on  Have suggestions on services or service agencies you would like added that are currently not included in the portal? 

Contact Nadine Devin, Project Manager, Middlesex County Library,


Edits and Suggestions for Existing Services

Services and events information is provided and maintained by takes pride in the quality and accuracy of their data. All service records are fully updated at least once a year and follow provincial data standards and inclusion policies. You can submit changes or suggest a new service or event at any time. 

Please note that staff will review and confirm all submissions before they are published to the website.

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