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Respite Services

190 Adelaide St S
London, ON
N5Z 3L1
Fax: 519-686-5490
iconPath Administration: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
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Adults over 18 must apply through Developmental Services Ontario

Eligibility / Target Population

Adults, youth and children with an developmental disability and their families


Set fee


Amy Verberne - Supervisor of Respite Services
519-686-3000 ext 341


English ; French

Language Notes

French interpretation available upon request

Area Served



W_wheelchair.gif Wheelchair Accessible

Description of Services

Temporary respite offered to caregivers by providing 24-hour care (e.g. personal care, activities of daily living, recreation and leisure) to dependents with a developmental disability outside of the home by qualified, trained support staff

Weekend Relief - Provides care Friday to Sunday for a child under 18 with a confirmed disability and who lives with a caregiver * caregivers can use this service a few weekends each year

Extended Relief - For people with a developmental disability of any age who live with a caregiver * care is provided in a home-like setting for up to one week at a time

Adult Weekend Retreat - Retreat is offered two weekends a month * support focuses on independent living skill development and community participation * program is for adults with a developmental disability over the age of 18
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